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Where Did Dinosaurs Come From?

     There are many books that will show you what dinosaurs looked like, and how they behaved.  But this is the only simple book we’ve seen that will tell you how dinosaurs got to be the way they were.  Why did some dinosaurs grow to be the biggest animals that have ever lived on land?  Why did some dinosaurs walk on two legs and others on four?  Why were some dinosaurs coverd from head to tail with heavy armor?  Why did T. Rex have a mouth that could swallow five hundred pounds in a single bite? This book tells the fascinating story of a great “arms race” that began with some of the earliest creatures on earth – a race for survial that actually forced dinosaurs (and other animals) to get bigger, to run faster, to develop elaborate “suits” of armor … or to have some of the most dangerous teeth ever to exist on earth.

This book is illustrated with some of the finest dinosaur art ever published, painted by John Sibbick, 
the premier dinosaur artist in the world.

$17.95 Retail       Contact us for Wholesale pricing (6 copies or more)




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