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 Geological Time and the History of Life


Recently revised with dozens of new depicitions of prehistoric animals painted by some of the world’s best paleo-artists.


This time chart combines the latest geological time scale, along with wonderful pictures that illustrate the evolution of animals through time. Exciting full-color images, printed on heavy-weight, high-quality paper, using the latest stochastic printing technologies.


Never before has the latest geological information been so beautifully presented … an excellent way to get everybody excited about geology and paleontology!


Perfect for parents, educators, children and geology enthusiasts.  


Actual size = 8-3/4 inches x 40 inches.







Families of Dinosaurs

 Beautifully painted by famed paleo-artist Mark Hallett, this poster shows representative members of dinosaur groups.










Life on Earth

This poster is an incredible cluster of prehistoric creatures from all stages of ancient life.